The World Poultry Congress was created as every year billions of chickens and other poultry are farmed for egg and meat production. It is therefore, vital that there need to be industry standards and constant information, advice and techniques for people working within the industry. With so much demand across the globe for products the poultry market has to keep up with the popular demand. The World Poultry Congress has been created to bring together workers from every section of the industry and provide them with a platform to share unique ideas and innovative designs.

Keep Up to Date

There are many benefits for getting involved with the World Poultry Congress, for a start it will allow you the chance to keep up to date with recent advancements in technology when it comes to poultry farming and practice. Every year technology advances and to get the best from your poultry production it helps to keep yourself up to date with these changes.

Network with Others

As the World Poultry Congress announce news of seminars and other poultry related events, joining will help you network. Meeting other people within the industry is important as it helps connect the industry and serves as a platform for everyone to share ideas and trouble shoot common problems.

Share Innovative Ideas

With so many advancements, not only in the technological aspect of poultry farming but in the social and economic factors, you can also keep updated with innovative ideas in getting the best from your stock. There are many different practices when it comes to poultry farming so why not join the World Poultry Congress to get helpful hints and ideas.

Health and Safety

The World Poultry Congress will also encourage you to keep up to date with news and events that affect the health and safety of your practice. With ever tightening regulations it is paramount to stay up to date and react to the changes in the industry.


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