Every year billions of chickens are farmed for their meat and eggs. Poultry helps provide a staple part of our diet in both dairy and protein. In countries across the globe the importance of correctly farming and producing poultry for consumption has become increasingly paramount in a world of tightened health and safety regulations and modern advancements. This is why the creation of the World Poultry Congress will serve to revolutionize the industry.

Set Objectives

The World Poultry Congress serves as a platform to educate and inspire industry workers across the globe. Its objective is to provide recent up to date information on poultry events and seminars along with leading news, information and advancements in the world of poultry production.

Responsibility and Ethics

Their ethos is to help keep your audience educated and up to date and to help workers and industry professional’s influence each other’s methods and trouble shoot common problems effectively.  The World Poultry Congress also works to encourage responsible and proper practices in dealing with live poultry and their environment. Along with taking these responsible and ethical steps, they also strive to be responsible for reporting changes in the industry and to be responsive to the changes in the industry.

Continual Improvement for the Industry

The main focus of the World Poultry Congress is to increase the availability and continual improvement of the quality, safety of the production and consumption of poultry products. We believe we have a commitment not only to the poultry industry but to the general public which is why the World Poultry Congress has come into fruition.

Gold Standard Poultry

Working closely with other poultry congresses and institutions across the globe, the World Poultry Congress strives to pull everyone together and have resources available to help everyone keep the objective of gold standard poultry products firm in their mind.


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